Dr. Richard Moore

Richard Moore

Richard Moore is a lecturer and creative writer, the author of over eighty plays and a number of musical works, both serious and farcical. He gained his primary degree at the University of Cambridge and taught in schools for many years. He was awarded his Ph.D. in 1989, taking as his subject Christianity and Paganism in Victorian Fiction. He then went on to work as a Deputy Head and Head of English at Queen Ethelburga's College, near York, before moving in 2000 into University teaching.
Since January 2000 Richard has been a lecturer (part-time) at Newcastle and Sunderland Universities and has run various short courses for adults, particularly at Higham Hall in the Lake District. Subjects there have been a varied bunch, including Detective Fiction, Jane Austen, Irish Drama, Alan Bennett, and the links between Literature and Mythology. 
Richard is now running a number of private classes in Newcastle and teaching for an adult education organisation called New Explore. His particular academic interests are Irish and American Drama, the works of Shakespeare, Jane Austen's novels, Victorian Music Theatre and the 20th century Theatre of the Absurd.
In addition to literature and music, Richard is particularly keen on Nature Conservation and Ecology work. His relaxations are exploring the byways of history and the endless reading of Golden Age detective novels.