Maria Chester

Maria ChesterMaria Chester is a Senior Lecturer in Art History and Ancient Civilisations of the Americas such as the Maya, the Aztec, and the Inca. She also developed an interest in Archaeology, which gave her a frame for her constant research.
Since 2003 she has lived in Scotland where she joined her local U3A: East Berwickshire U3A. From 2005, she became a Group Leader (Art of the XX century; La Belle Époque; Spanish; Italian; Latin Rhythms; Ancient Civilisations of the Americas, among many others). She was elected as East Berwickshire Chairlady in 2010. By then she was already involved as a co-opted member with "U3As in Scotland" and also as a Regional Volunteer. In 2011, she became the National Subject Adviser of American Archaeology and in February 2015 she was appointed a member of the International Committee representing U3A Trust at IAUTA. In May 2016, she was elected Secretary General of AIUTA-Association Internationale des Universités du Troisième Âge.
From 2010 to 2016 she has been the Chairlady and Programme Manager of Border Archaeological Society (BAS). In March 2016, she became BAS Vice President.
She is multilingual and enjoys travelling, cooking, painting, digging and sailing. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lives with her husband and beloved dog in the Scottish Borders.